I’m back!

Sorry been so long , what with birthdays Christmas etc!!

So how’s everyone?

Really want to get back into my baking again miss it but never seem to have the time anymore 😒

So little smudge is not so little anymore she’s so cute and affectionate!

smudge and milly

I also turned 41!! Last week birthdays are odd when your older , not many people think you should celebrate ‘it’s just a normal day’ etc but I love my birthday still and my kids did me a lovely birthday tea too 😊birthday tea πŸ™‚

My youngest made me a delicious peanut butter Greek yougurt and chocolate cake too!

Also have already bought (for kids and hubby too) 9 new mugs/cups this year!

I just can’t resist a new mug!

Easy fundraising

Coming up to Christmas and I’m sure like me you’ve all still got lots to buy!
Did you know you can help Charities every time you shop online with Easy fundraising ?

How can I raise donations?
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install Donation Reminder – this means a box will appear if you are shopping with a retailer who participates in the Donation Reminder and you don’t even need to visit our site! All you need to do is click Activate Donations and any eligible purchase will be recorded for you. Take a look at the Donation Reminder here. Donation Reminder is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari but can’t work on mobile phones or tablets.
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My cause is the wonderful local charity AUTISM INITIATIVES Autism initiatives they have cafes and wonderful ASD school -fab charity very close to my heart ❀️


Smudge is a handful at the moment! She’s running and climbing everywhere and trying kitten food too!

She loves hugs and falling asleep on you and she loves watching her ‘big brothers ‘ iPad too!

Smudge and half term!

Enjoying half term here in the uk , had a lovely lazy day and we going to make my mums birthday cards in a bit (she’s 73 tomorrow)

Really looking forward to taking my two youngest to see her tomorrow and spending her birthday with her, just watching a programme on bbc1 about people living to be a 100, and I really hope my mum does! I’d miss her so much, my dad died in his 60s 9 years ago and my uncles and aunties and 3 grans and both grandads are dead too 😦

Don’t have a lot of relatives that I’m close too,I keep imagining walking around town in my 60s with my mum who would be in her 90s by then and I think it’s fab us two OAPs going for coffee together lol

Smudge is starting to walk already! He/she is heavy now too!

Think within next two weeks she/he will be running about everywhere which will be fun! Smudge has opened her eyes on Friday , and everyday she keeps them open a little more, and she seems to hear a lot more too, also she wakes up and startles if she hears a loud noise

Milly is leaving the nest for a bit longer each time, and actually sat in her favourite spot on Saturday and watched the leaves fall from the trees and enjoyed ‘woofing’ at the birds her favourite pastime ,

At 345am tomorrow morning smudge will be 2 weeks old , I love how tiny she is at the moment but I’m also excited for he/she to grow up and become part of our family πŸ™‚

Smudge x

So today (well in a few hours) smudge will be 9 days old! Time feels like it has stood still yet at the same time gone so fast?’!

Hard to believe in a few weeks she/he will be tearing around causing mischief πŸ˜‚

My two youngest sons are also loving having a baby kitten in the house especially as it’s a baby from both their cats,

Smudge is so fluffy and cute he/she has the cutest dreams and already her squeaks are turning into tiny meiows

This time of year is not only my favourite but also my busiest in terms of events party’s and of course Christmas, but with new baby smudge it feels like it’s going even faster then usual!

Hoping the new storm won’t be too bad all weekend and I get to visit my mum for her birthday with my children,

What’s your plans for weekend and beyond?

Tired :(

Been feeling really under the weather this week, loving watching smudge grow and really looking forward to halfterm holidays from school this Friday, been a busy month! And still got my mums birthday Halloween my oldest birthday is the very next day 18!!! No idea where the time has gone!

Also I love this time of year because of pumpkin spice latte, boots, winter coats and hats, but oh my gosh last week here in U.K. Has been so hot! It’s been more like June or July!!

Always feel a bit silly wearing sunglasses with a winter coat! 😳

And does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin pie cake or anything yummy? This year I’m determined to actually make something instead of just carving a face!

I’d love to hear any recipes you can recommend to me x


IMG_7554.JPGSo sorry not been posting much had hands full with new kitten and Β getting ready for half term! Here’s another photo of my little smudge sooooo cute!

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