Easy fundraising

Coming up to Christmas and I’m sure like me you’ve all still got lots to buy! Did you know you can help Charities every time you shop online with Easy fundraising ? How can I raise donations? There are three easy ways for you to raise a donation. You can visit the website easyfundraising.org.uk –…


Smudge is a handful at the moment! She’s running and climbing everywhere and trying kitten food too! She loves hugs and falling asleep on you and she loves watching her ‘big brothers ‘ iPad too!

Smudge and half term!

Enjoying half term here in the uk , had a lovely lazy day and we going to make my mums birthday cards in a bit (she’s 73 tomorrow) Really looking forward to taking my two youngest to see her tomorrow and spending her birthday with her, just watching a programme on bbc1 about people living…

Smudge x

So today (well in a few hours) smudge will be 9 days old! Time feels like it has stood still yet at the same time gone so fast?’! Hard to believe in a few weeks she/he will be tearing around causing mischief πŸ˜‚ My two youngest sons are also loving having a baby kitten in…

Tired :(

Been feeling really under the weather this week, loving watching smudge grow and really looking forward to halfterm holidays from school this Friday, been a busy month! And still got my mums birthday Halloween my oldest birthday is the very next day 18!!! No idea where the time has gone! Also I love this time…


So sorry not been posting much had hands full with new kitten and Β getting ready for half term! Here’s another photo of my little smudge sooooo cute!


Smudge day 6 he/she getting so big! ❀️😍

Day 3

Feels like we’ve had ‘smudge’ forever , love watching milly be a good mummy, love seeing the little kitten grow everyday, and seeing her snuggle up , her little squeak is adorable 😍

So it happened!

My cat milly had her kitten! Just the one at 445am 10th october! It’s a beautiful tuxedo like its daddy mummy cat and baby doing fab ❀️

My cat

Been a bit quiet this week because my beautiful cat milly is due any day her first kittens! So excited!! πŸ˜πŸ€

Rabbits 🐰 rabbits 🐰 🐰 rabbits

ITS october! Oh my goodness this year has flown by! Always look forward to October halfterm because it’s my mums birthday Halloween then the very next day my oldest sons birthday (18 this year 😱) then bonfire night! It’s always a whirl of parties and I LOVE IT! We all love dressing up and party…